Friday, September 14, 2012

Blue Jay

 The other day I was taking a walk through a neighborhood I NEVER walk through. On my way home, I heard a commotion in a tree, the unmistakable shrieking of these beautiful bullies as they drove a crow out of their territory. Here's my next "Sign of the Day", I thought to myself.

I have met people who love these birds and people who hate them. We love them for their beauty and hate them for their aggression. Those who don't care for them have a tendency to "root for the underdog and have difficulty understanding why people have to be so doggone difficult. Those who love them may resonate with their fearlessness and big bird bollocks.

As an omen, Blue Jay is telling you to stand in your power and to not back down, even if that which you are facing scares the crap out of you.

It is also a warning that you may be scattering your energy in too many directions...choose what is important to you and commit to making it happen.

Blue is connected with the throat chakra, which is all about communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Are you saying what you really mean? Speak up!

Perhaps your "bullshit detector" going off in your dealings with others? If so, pay attention to body language and other subtle indicators that someone may be trying to pull one over on you.

Blue Jay can help us establish and honor our boundaries. And remind us to respect the boundaries of others.

I hear you, Blue Jay. Loud and clear.


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  2. I just had a SIGN thrown into my path.
    A BlueJay was in my house…when I saw it, it was flying from the west, from the kitchen area… no open doors or windows, and the fireplace was lit with the front covered by a screen. Besides, the fireplace was facing me and the bird flew into the room from the west (kitchen). It was as if it just appeared and flew into my living room where I was relaxing with my coffee. One of my cats, Karma, caught it before I could intervene (I’ve become disabled about a year ago). I had to pry Karma’s mouth open with my hands to get the little bird away from him. It lived for a bit, I’d wrapped it a dry washcloth, but the poor thing’s neck had been broken, and it died within a few minutes. It is now in my “work room” bathing in selenite light and I’ve lit a “manifest miracles” candle.
    I know I have to “return to sender” tonight, by fire. I believe I know what this means, but I feel the need to seek a 2nd opinion…..any thoughts?

  3. Is there any different significance when seeing a pair of blue jays, rather than just one?

  4. Can't seem to find anything on more than one blue Jay, wanting to know if the message is the same coming from 2 as it is from 1