Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NEW!! Moon Sisters Online Art & Ceremony Circle

I can feel it in my heart...the winds of change are blowing. The planets are aligning. An awakening is happening.
It’s eclipse season and eclipses can be extremely effective at exposing the stuff that we would rather keep hidden from ourselves and others. The cans of worms are flying out of the closets, begging to be opened. Are you ready? Because once you really know something, you can’t “un-know” it. Once you open that can of worms, something must be done with the contents.

Is there a truth within you that is trying to reveal itself? Is there a dream that needs fulfilling? An unmet need or desire? A wound from the past that is begging for healing? A talent that needs expressing?
Timing can be everything, can’t it? You have to be ready. Whether you are changing your career, moving to a new home, giving up an addiction, choosing to go back to school, leaving your husband, marrying your true love...there is a moment where you suddenly know that it’s “go” or die...shit or get off the pot.
Yes my friends, I believe that very time has come. We, as individuals, are at a pinnacle time of growth and self realization and with that comes the promise of a new reality.
Maybe you have been aching for a change. So have I.
I'm ready. Are you?
Because we can do this together.
I have teamed up with the very talented Dana Da Ponte to share with you everything we know on conscious living, healing, ceremony, magick and sisterhood and MORE in our upcoming year long online program. We call it the Moon Sisters Art & Ceremony Circle and when you are ready, you can check it out here
It took a lifetime to get where you are today...wait and see where ONE conscious year of creating and support can take you!