Tuesday, August 28, 2012


  Oh little skunk...such a fascinating little creature you are! What is your message?

Skunk is resourceful and will eat pretty much anything it can find; worms, grubs, insects, frogs, lizards, roots, berries, nuts or eggs. They have ever been known to scavenge. Ask yourself if you using all of your resources? Are you willing to use whatever is available? Are you making the most of the opportunity that is before you? Do you need more variety in your diet?

Skunk is typically a quiet and peaceful animal...but also fearless and will stomp his feet to warn you that you are getting too close. By the time he lifts his tail it may be too late...and he can spray up to 3 meters with surprising accuracy. Are people getting on your nerves? Let them know that they are pissing you off. Be clear about your boundaries so there are no misunderstandings.

Skunk smell is very recognizable and this is tied to how others recognize you and your abilities. As a messenger this is also tied to sensuality and sexuality. Don't be surprised if you experience or elicit stronger sexual responses to or from others.

Skunks have really crappy eyesight. Thank God! Can you imagine what it would be like if they didn't? This keeps them from being too jittery. Their acute sense of hearing makes up for it, though. This tells us that before reading too much into what a situation appears to be, ask a lot of questions, and then listen and feel it out. Looks can be deceiving but your gut will never lie to you.

 The skunk is by nature, quite solitary. Skunk teaches us that there are times to draw people and times to avoid them. Because skunks are silent, they teach us not to blow our own horns...let other people do this for you. Examine your self image and remember that people are going to notice you...for what is the part that you can control.

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