Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Dragonflies signify personal transformation and sightings of this prehistoric beauty precede the sudden awareness of a higher truth.  Sometimes these realizations may push you into some uncomfortable internal questioning. Perhaps you have been taking someone or something for granted. Perhaps it is you who has been allowing others to take advantage of you. To understand what your truth really is, you need to involve more than just your brain in your deductions. Your emotions are connected to the soul...the purest most innocent part of you. Your emotions may not always make sense, but when we try to cover up our true feelings with the mask of how we "should" be, it disconnects us from our truth. Don't "understand away" the situation. Give yourself permission to feel what you genuinely feel and then allow that emotion the opportunity to transform into something else. Guilt can become relief. Anger can transmute into passion (& maybe even an spontaneous lovemaking session!!!) Free yourself from the limits of your old perspectives and give yourself the freedom to just be happy!


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