Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you have seen a hawk, perhaps perched on high on a post or gliding in the air in its trademark circles, the Universe is telling you to pay attention to the signs and omens in your life.  You see, Hawk is associated with Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.

Hawk teaches us how to get what we want by being in the right place at the same time.  They don't waste a lot of energy swooping here and there.  Instead, hawk watches and waits for the ideal time to strike.  Rather than scrambling around looking for solutions, (but actually focusing more energy on the problem) center yourself, remind yourself of  your desire and when opportunity presents itself...take action.  When the time is right, and everything is lined up, things will fall into place.

Lets say you want a relationship.  The answer may not be to sign up to 3 different dating sites and tell everyone you know that you are willing to be set up.  The answer may be to focus on the type of relationship you want, invest your energy into your vision...and then go outside.  Unknowingly, the love of your life may be standing right in front of you in the queue at Safeway, later...but you may not recognize that if you are checking your cell phone to see if anyone messaged you back yet.

Lets say you want a better job.  The answer may not be to apply for everything that comes up and spend unlimited hours online and scouring the "help wanted" pages.  Get focused on what you want to experience. How would you like to engage your talents?.  If your intentions are clear, the Universe will draw opportunities towards you.  Your job is to know when to act.

Back in 2005  I was considering backing out of a marathon I had signed up for.  One morning, upon leaving for my morning run...I asked the Universe for a sign, a specific sign to guide me whether I should do the marathon or not.  I said to myself "If I'm meant to do this, if its in my highest good, I will see a hawk on my run today."  A little later I thought I did see a hawk, but it was off in the distance, so I couldn't be sure.  I continued running, still arguing with myself in my head, when I noticed an RV parked close to the path.  On the side of it, the words "Sea Hawk" stood out boldly in turquoise letters.

The Universe is funny, sometimes.  Needless to say, I did the marathon. 

If you are seeing Hawk, be watchful for other signs and omens...they may lead you to other possibilities.  Enjoy the mystery of how it all falls together.

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