Saturday, August 14, 2010

Places, everyone

Its funny, you know. I have been aware for years that this consciousness shift is coming but I never really thought too hard about what that will mean for us as individuals in our mundane worlds.

We are waking up. Like little babies we awaken from our slumbers...wailing and screaming because we are starving, lonely and seeking comfort. And like babies, we have no idea how to fill the void so we look outside of ourselves. Most of us are not even entirely sure what it exactly is that is missing.

We're trying, though, aren't we? We quit jobs and start new ones, we buy bigger houses, cars, and televisions. We take trips, get cosmetic surgery, get married, get divorced and have affairs. We eat what the television commercials say is good for us, we lose weight, gain weight, and wait for things to improve. We suppress our anger in order not to shake things up or hurt others and then walk around in a Paxil, Zoloft, or Prozac induced sense of happiness...well, an okay-ness. We eat comfort foods with tons of additives and next to no actual nutrients. We get everything done, sometimes at the expense of our dreams and sacrificing valuable time with our families and friends.

Have you ever seen those commercials for cold medications, the ones that mask your symptoms in order allow you to go on with your day as per usual?

I don't get it...
If you're sick, go to bed. Let someone else take care of the crap that needs to get done.

If you weren't pushing yourself beyond your limits in the first place, you wouldn't be sick. Sick is NOT natural. Its a sign that something is out of balance in your thoughts and feelings. If you are sick, you should ask yourself "what am I doing that I no longer want to do anymore? And who am I going to be letting down if I stop doing this?"

Listen to your feelings. If you don't, you will get sick. Your emotions will tell you, very quietly at first "I don't like this." You can't bullshit your emotional body. But we try. Here are some of the ways:

"My work environment is toxic but I need this job. Without it I will be destitute."

Ummm. Get another job. But you better change that victim energy first, or you'll wind up in the same boat.

"I'm not happy but I just can't leave him/her. We just bought a new house."

Then get your ass to counseling and stop moaning about how bad your relationship is.

"I'm struggling financially and can't keep my head above water."

Then take responsibility for your decisions! Spend less money. Or take whatever steps you need to make more.

If you don't listen to your feelings, and change whatever situation is creating your discontent, you will get sick.

Jesus healed people because he caused them to believe in something besides their stories; they saw another way and it resonated as truth.

Or you can listen to the commercials.

We need to start changing things pronto. When we become unafraid of change, we give permission to ourselves to do whatever it takes to make our dreams happen. When we are happy we are healthy. When we are grateful, more things appear that create gratitude. When we feel abundant, we attract more abundance. It starts with a mindset, but it is the emotions that create the flow of fabulousness. Do things that make you feel good. This is a simple and effective place to start.

I'm going to do something that makes me feel fabulous today. Maybe I can make someone else feel fabulous in the process.

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