Sunday, July 25, 2010



Ant medicine teaches us the importance of discipline and process.  The message of ant includes learning to be the architect of your own life, to have a vision and build toward it.
If ant has come into your life lately, ask yourself the following questions:
1.  Are you committed enough to follow through on the steps it takes to bring a current or impending project to completion?  Ant teaches us that the greatest things can be achieved through persistence.
2.  Are you paying attention to detail or are you just trying to get the task finished as quickly as you can?  Build a solid foundation first, not only physically, but energetically as well.  Pay attention to the energy that you approach your task with; that will impact the outcome more that your skill or effort.

3.  Are you beginning to lose steam midway through your project?  Involve other people, the experience will become more enriching and you will learn the power of gratitude. 

4.  Are you adding more interests and activites into your life through the passing years?  Don't allow yourself to stagnate and you will have the spark it takes to get off the couch and into the world!

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