Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clogged Pipe

  A clogged pipe is a sign that there are blocked emotions affecting someone in the home or workplace.  Usually, it is a shared or collective experience.  The matter in question, which blocks the pipe may also have significance.  For example:  food clogging the drain could indicate that emotions are being stuffed down with foods.  Hair clogging the drain could indicate that fear of appearing needy or foolish is stopping you from expressing your true feelings.  Once I discovered the shower drain was clogged with little Lego guy legs!  Which indicates that blocked emotions created the inability for me to move forward in a particular area of life. 

If the water is frozen in the pipe, it indicates a stalemate in one's relationship with life, or with another.  Instead of dealing with the pain of emotions, one chooses to become numb or shut them out, thereby blocking any opportunity for the situation to evolve.   This will directly affect the flow of life and create imbalance in one area or another.  Its also interesting to note that these types of clogs only happen in winter, which for many of us, brings out our inner darkness.  When a clog caused by freezing thaws, the emotional storm is released by the individual.  These things happen simultaneously.  Not unlike Springtime, when we instinctively feel free to create something different.  Eventually, the water in the pipe will thaw.  The act of fixing the pipe so that it never freezes again actually depicts a willingness to change the way one handles emotions, whether the person is conscious of it or not.  So get out that heat wrap tape and talk about your feelings!

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