Thursday, January 3, 2019

What's in Store for 2019

Welcome 2019! It's a Universal 3 Year which can pull us back to our hearts and the awareness that we have the power to create differently. Let's face it, not everyone is a visionary. Some of us just want to show up and build. We all play a part and all parts have value and when we collaborate we have a better chance of completing the vision. 

3 speaks of the blending of elements to create something wonderful. 

If you are a musician, play. If you are a writer, write. If you are an athlete, do your thing. If you are a builder, build. These projects don't need to be large scale. Perhaps the next time you are bored..engage your body, mind or spirit into something creative. Once you are engaged in that creative can become connected to something higher. It is absolutely possible to feel loved, connected and whole while being completely alone. In this place lies some pretty simple solutions that come from deep truths that only become known from that place of inner stillness. At the very least, it's an excellent pressure release valve. 

The shadow side of the 3? Pretending things are fine when they are clearly not. Not looking below the surface to see the real truth. Choosing distraction over depth, kissing ass instead of being authentic and not wanting to go against the grain for fear of losing everything.

This year you can benefit greatly by connecting with others of like mind so you can inspire and support each other. It's also a great time to let go of the energy vampires in your life...let them go and find their own supply of energy. You are not their gas tank.

To really understand how this Universal Year will affect you personally, you need to figure out your Personal Year.

To do this, you simply add your day and month of birth to the current year.

Then reduce your answer to a single digit it by adding all the digits of your answer together.

For instance, for someone who's birthday is February 15, it would look like this:




A 2 personal year.

Here's another: December 25  



 A 4 Personal Year.

So now that you have figured out what your Personal Year cycle is, enjoy my brief synopsis of each of the cycles:

1 Personal Year
 Get out of your box and try something new! This year the Universe will support new goals, interests and creation of a new mind-set. It will be easier to start new routines (get your butt into mind/body/soul stuff like yoga, meditation and regular exercise) You will be pushed to be more assertive and independent. The worst thing you could do this year is stand still and do nothing. Try to keep in mind that this won't be your most compromising year so try not to be too selfish. You are setting the stage for the next nine years, so make sure your starting point is a good foundation for where you want to be.

Side note: If you didn't lose the dead weight of 2018, you could feel like you are spinning your wheels until March. Don't sweat it...the first three months of the year are perfect to show you what may be holding you back or what is missing. 

2 Personal Year
 A time of adjustment and compromise and finding balance between all of your roles and responsibilities. Relationships are tested and adjusted, especially in the first six months. You may be more whiny or less tolerant. On the plus side, many people find their soul mates in this cycle. Bad relationships may hit the critical point where it's a "fix it or leave it" situation. Your psychic and creative ability will be at an all time high. This cycle favors partnerships of all kinds...however, if any partnership is not serving your highest may fall apart this year to make room for something new. 

3 Personal Year
All play and no work may not get you far this year, but you may discover parts of yourself that you have forgotten and hidden/repressed talents in the process. This personal year favors networking and collaborating with others, short trips, new hobbies and renewed passion. (Sometimes for people other than your significant other...hidden or clandestine attractions also come with this cycle.) A great year for expanding your horizons and testing out new ways. NOT a great year to sign long term contracts. 

4 Personal Year
A year with focus on the foundations. Opportunities to make things more solid, or walk away and create new, more solid things. By things I mean your home, standing within your community, family or workplace, your financial status, etc. It's a serious, nose to the grindstone kind of year. If this sounds shitty to you, I remind you that you need to have a strong foundation to build your awesome life are worth the effort! The more focus you put into creating solid structure, the more freedom you will be granted next year!

5 Personal Year
Oh, the things you will see and the things you will do! If, that is, you are willing to risk getting out of your safe bubble and let go of the reins. This year being in the right place at the right time will open doors for you! Expect the unexpected this year. Chaos and liberation. Chanel named their fragrance #5 because 5 is the number of sexual energy. But remember...everything in moderation. Extremes in behavior and overindulgence could land you in hot water this year.

6 Personal Year
A year to focus on the finer details. After last year's craziness, you probably have some adjusting to do. Increased time with family and loved ones, often a new member of the family is introduced in a 6 Personal year (including furry family members). There may be a renewed focus on health and image. A great year to get married, have a baby or renovate or buy a house. It may be time to extend an olive branch to an estranged friend or relative. A great year to change your image.

7 Personal Year
A year to reflect and pull back from the busy-ness of life and ponder whether you are happy and fulfilled where you are, or not. Education and travel are both favored. You may feel like you are on "the outside looking in" this year. The purpose of this cycle is to help you understand yourself better and sometimes that is best accomplished if you place some distance between yourself and what is familiar. Not the best year for relationships because of the feelings of isolation that can sometimes accompany this cycle. It can be an incredibly spiritual cycle, so if you have been thinking about learning yoga or meditation...this is the year to do it!

8 Personal Year
A year of challenge that brings great rewards! This is the year that big raises and promotions can happen. It's like finally being noticed for all that you have been doing all along! This year is about becoming strong physically, financially, emotionally or even spiritually. You may be interested in upgrading what you have and spending some of those increased earnings...a bigger house, a better car, a new computer. If you are lazy and avoid challenging yourself, an authority figure could become a royal pain in the ass.

9 Personal Year
I call this a "graduation" year. It brings with it natural endings, and will nudge you to walk away or let go of anything which is impeding your growth. Retirement, downsizing, job changes enter into the picture because it's time for a slightly different path. Many people give up bad habits (quite easily)in a 9 year. You are essentially making room this year for new things to arrive next year. A focus on what's best for the group, rather than the individual is also an aspect of this year. You may be lending a hand where it may be needed, and you may even be called upon to care for someone or something in need.

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