Thursday, March 7, 2013

MARLENE CHAPMAN is a respected professional psychic, sign and omen expert and tarot
reader based in Edmonton. Since 2005, Marlene has been a regular guest on CITY TV Breakfast
Television and has been featured on various Edmonton radio stations including 92.5 JoeFM, 96X
and 104.9 Virgin Radio. In addition, she has hosted various internet radio shows. For over 20
years, Ms. Chapman has been offering incites to media, organizations and individuals into the
divinatory arts that she teaches including Tarot and Numerology, signs and omens, ceremony,
manifestation, moon cycles and magic.

 Since childhood, Marlene held a strong belief in omens. At 11, she was introduced to tarot cards and ESP through a family friend and soon became passionate about metaphysics. At an early age, she began to demonstrate a talent for being an excellent fortune teller. She describes her evolution as a growing awareness “that we have the power to create different realities for ourselves”. As her knowledge and awareness expanded, so did her ability to help people transform difficult experiences into opportunities.

Ms. Chapman began her career in Winnipeg in the early 90s and relocated to Edmonton in ’98.

Marlene Chapman can be reached through her website,, which features course information and more. Appointments for personal consultations including Tarot readings can be made online. Dream/sign interpretations are offered via email at Follow Marlene on Twitter@the_UrbanMystic

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