Friday, September 14, 2012

Numerology and Your Life Purpose

I was 20 years old when I first discovered numerology. While browsing the metaphysical section in one of Winnipeg's finer used bookstores, I happened upon a dog-eared second hand book on the subject. I paid the $4.00 asking price and walked out curious, and without expectations.

"As if this is gonna work." I remember thinking to myself.

To say that I was astonished by what I learned would be an huge understatement. 20 years later, I use numerology in every session I do and teach Numerology to others. I'm still hooked.

There are so many different aspects to a Numerology chart. Your birth date is used as well as your full name at birth. What emerges from this is a very detailed picture of who you are, what drives and impedes you, your potentials, and what to expect from the cycles in your life.

One of the most important of the personal numbers is your Life Path number. Your Life Path number is your personal mission, the road you are travelling and what you have the potential to master in this lifetime. Your Life Path number is determined by adding up the total digits of your birthdate.

So for the birthdate September 9, 1974, the math would look like this:


Now, unless your number comes to 11 or 22 (these are "Master Numbers") we need to reduce your calculation to a one digit number. So you add the digits of your final answer together.

So the life path number is 3

Get it? If you are not sure, here is another; November 29, 1962

Life Path number 4

Here's an example of a Master Path Number:

September 29, 1953
Life Path number 11

October 6, 1950
22 Life Path

In a nutshell, here is a synopsis of the 11 Life Path Numbers.

1. You will be challenged to assert your independence and individuality in this lifetime. You are a born leader. (Remember that leaders are not always extroverts...sometimes leading the way for others is simply going against the grain in your own life and setting an example)You are probably quite determined and a bit of a pioneer. Just make sure you don't mow everyone else over on your way to your goal.

2. You will learn the benefits of compromise and cooperation and your path will challenge you to seek balance and harmony. Your gift is the ability to bring people together, bring people to solutions, meditate and negotiate. You are a sensitive careful that you don't become the world's doormat.

3. Your path will encourage you to learn to express your emotions, ideas and creativity. To learn to get out of "doubt" and live your life with joy and enthusiasm. Once you have mastered are supposed to get out there and inspire others. You are a born communicator and will do well at anything that makes use of your creative talents. You need to be emotionally connected to your work in some way to be happy.

4.  Your path will help you learn the value of process, loyalty and reliability. Your number is that of the "builder", and others will look to you to manage, organize and make sure everything goes the way it should. You are great at building "systems" and security is very important to you. You might get a little bossy sometimes. Don't lose sight of everything and everyone around you as you relentlessly pursue your goals.

5. This path is all about change and once you learn to trust it, your path expands into championing freedom! You probably get bored with routine rather quickly, so you need work that will provide variety and can utilize your flexibility. Undoubtedly you will need  a little discipline to master your many talents to experience the success that will help you create the life of freedom you so crave.

6. This path is all about service and perfection and you will need to find balance between giving and receiving. You are naturally sympathetic and caring which makes you a great counselor. Your heart needs to be involved in your work and one of your challenges will be to learn to balance career and home life. It's important to you to be respected and valued.

7. If you are a 7 Life Path you are a born seeker and need to be learning (or at least intellectually engaged) to feel truly happy. You are investigative and have great analytical skills. Your path will encourage you to learn to trust, first yourself and then others. To learn to feel rather than just think and trust your heart as readily as your mind. When you have a balance of both, you can teach others to find that balance.

8.  The 8 Life Path needs to learn to balance responsibility and power. You naturally attract success and will discover that money doesn't always equal happiness. When you learn to wield your power properly, you can make a big difference in leadership positions because of your good judgement. You are here to learn to use your power responsibly.

9. The 9 Life Path is the path of the humanitarian. Your life will teach you the interconnectedness of all things. You will be tested to learn tolerance and compassion, sometimes through sacrifice. Once this is mastered, you move on to become a healing force on the planet. I call this a "late bloomer" path...oftentimes halfway through life there is an epiphany that leads to major changes in outlook and purpose. Many great healers are 9 Life Paths.

The Master Numbers Paths 11& 22 have unique paths to follow. There are higher potentials for inspiration and philanthropy.

11. The 11 Life Path has the potential to illuminate and inspire others. Highly intuitive, its important that you learn to express your emotions and learn to let go of control. Once that is accomplished you will be a shining light for others. Another "Late Bloomer", you may change your life quite drastically in your 40's or 50's.

22. If you are a 22 Life Path, you have been born under one of the most potentially powerful vibrations of all numbers. Here you have the potential to turn dreams into reality. You are a natural business person and seem to know intuitively what direction to move in. Your challenge will be in letting go of control and involving and trusting others. This way you can create the biggest change.

Now this is just one of the many calculations we look at in the Numerology 101 workshop. The next one is September 29.  If you are interested in learning more, go to


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