Friday, June 25, 2010

Its the End of the we know it

And I feel fine.  More than fine, actually.  I feel infinite.

I think people have certain times of year, that for no real reason, seem to be more difficult than the norm.  Imprinting from past experiences, perhaps.  June has come to be a difficult month for me over the years, despite the wonderful fact that my son Riley was born in June of 2001.  Having been a relentless scribe, I still own journals from over 10 years ago.  These Chronicles of both my inner and outer worlds of the time have proven to me that I seem to be in a similar emotional place regardless of the different challenges I'm going through.

This year, by no conscious intent of my own, I set up space for healing.

I started the Incan Medicine Wheel training with Sarah Salter-Kelly and Denise Kinch this month.  I have known Sarah for about 3 years. She facilitated a Soul Retrieval Session for me in that accelerated my growth exponentially and helped me to make some very difficult, but necessary decisions.  There's no room for BS in this tradition.  I love it!

The Medicine Wheel is done over 4 intensive 3 day weekends and it takes a year to complete it.  Each weekend is focused on a direction, and that direction has its own particular attributes.  We started with the West...the domain of the Jaguar.  West is about death and being fearless.  It was the perfect weekend to die.

I returned home different.  I'm not sure how I feel to everyone else...but you all sure feel different to me!

I love this tradition because it is complete.  I don't know how anyone who has this training could be powerless in any area of their life. One year to change your life, to become aware of your roles in your dramas and obtain the tools to transform them.  As an emissary of awareness, I can get behind that!

I'm super jazzed to experience a world free of blame and drama's.  Even if I'm the only one in the room "awake", I can still be in my bubble of what I know to be true.  None of the little shit really matters.  Just like getting sick is the minds way of using the body to hide the real issue, life's little dramas are a way to demonstrate the bullshit stories we subscribe to.

So what if:

-Someone else being disappointed in you was their problem, not yours.  If, on the other hand, you are disappointed in yourself, you have the power to do something today that will make you feel proud, undo the disappointment.

-Instead of arguing about "what is", we talk about how we feel about the supposed problem.  How you feel is truly what you own.  How we feel is also the way by which we generate situations into our life energetically.  Talking about how we feel helps us become aware and having a sounding board gives us perspective.  We talk about how we feel so we are in touch with it.  And it helps others to understand our intentions.  Its the first step in intimacy.  Whether someone else accepts your feelings is theirs to own.  Whether you accept how you feel is yours.  You can't argue with a feeling but you can certainly question it.

-We all told the truth.  Which is easier when you accept it.

-We stopped playing games in relationships and encouraged one another's growth, even if it means outgrowing one another.  When you "settle", you take away the opportunity for your partner to be loved in the way they truly deserve to be loved.  You are not doing anyone a favor, including the kids. 

This can happen.  It starts with us.  Today.  In the Now, All is possible.

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