Monday, May 10, 2010

Wake up!

We are changing.  I can feel it in my bones.  

People seem to be more aware that they are unsatistfied with their present state of affairs.  We're waking up to the fact that materialism, sex, food, alcohol, drugs, prescriptions and other various addictions are not filling the void.  Which makes me wonder...when those things lose their importance, what will be marketed to the hungry masses?

Its clear that corporations have all the power.  Corporations buy governments.  Corporations own the media.  If we need to wake anyone up, it is those in charge of big business.  God help them make decisions with the future of the planet and its inhabitants in mind.  All of its inhabitants; the furred, feathered, finned, four legged, two legged, the leafed and the creepy crawlies.  Reverence for nature should not be reserved for the indigenous peoples, who knew how to live in harmony with the seasons and our great Mother.  The air, water, soil and plants are made up of the same stuff we are.  When we pollute these deities, we cannot help but poison ourselves. 

Television is leading our children.  And some of those children will become leaders themselves.  I spend a lot of time around kids.  I am fortunate to say that my house has typically been the hang out place for my children and their friends.  If you observe children at play, you will notice that some stand out as natural leaders.  I have overheard on many occasion a parent chastising a child for being too bossy.  I happen to like the bossy ones, those are the kids who exude great influence on their peers.  Those are the kids who need the most love and guidance.  They need to learn how to question properly.   They need to be encouraged to see the big picture and it is our responsibility as members of families and communities to do this.  Life oftentimes gives us opportunities to see the metaphor in the mundane and teach this wisdom.

   Children help us to remain conscious in the present moment.  The simple act of planting seeds for spring planting gave me the opportunity to remind Riley that seeds are like dreams or talents.  Seeds require moisture to germinate, just as our dreams require emotion to start the momentum.  Only when we feel the dream, will the way to reach it become possible.  Its not enough to just give it some soil.  In the mundane world this symbolizes us, as a body, just showing up with the plan.  That may be effective for awhile, but not in the long term.

  I know I need to work out.  If I forget, my boyfriend will remind me.  Not because he is a jerk, either.  Mike is a personal trainer (one of the best in the city, I might add) and knows that the connection with the body is just as important as one's connection with mind and feelings.  Getting in touch with our outer strength links us automatically to our inner reserves.  If I have no emotional investment in my workout, I don't get the same results.  How I approach my workout is a mirror of how I approach my life.  That being said, honesty pushes me to admit that I haven't been approaching my workouts at all.  I am making other things more important.  I know its ridiculous, but knowing it isn't enough to change my behavior.  I know that I require an inner shift to make an authentic change.  My excuses for not working out are not unlike my excuses for why my book is not completed.  They have nothing to do with time.

  Your life and the various situations it provides are for learning. Especially the areas that are problematic.  The so called problem is life's way of showing you the master solution, a solution to much more that the issue at hand.

  What your relationship is lacking, YOU are lacking.  What your job is lacking, YOU are lacking.  What your family is lacking, YOU are lacking.  What your body is lacking, YOU are lacking.  It's not a judgement, its a clue.  Chances are, if you learn to listen to your partner with compassion, you will learn to listen to your own heart, your employer or client, your family member, etc.  If you need to learn to be less sensitive at work, chances are that your sensitivity is creating unreal assumptions in your other relationships.  Chances are, if your toddler or teenager is out of control, there is something else brewing that time, patience, and communication will rectify.  If you are sick or disabled, your way to healing is more than doctors.  Sickness is physical evidence of a souls cry for help that wasn't heard.    The origin of that sickness is in the mind.

  My son Riley was diagnosed with asthma preceding the breakup of his father and I.  His asthma attacks would typically happen at night, where he would cough so violently that he would sometimes vomit.   Riley was given a puffer, with instructions on when and how to use it.  He felt a little special, you could see it.  I waited a few days before informing him that I didn't believe in his asthma.  My views on sickness are not always popular in my house. I told him that his body was telling him that he was afraid of the future and he was holding his worries inside.  I further explained that his body was saying that he felt like he had no control over what will happen to him and this made him feel unsafe.  I finished by commenting that when he felt better about the future, his breathing difficulties will be over.

  Several months later, I moved to a home in Grovenor, and Riley began to live with me on alternate weeks.  I noticed on his second visit that he didn't bring his puffer.  When I questioned him about it, he informed me that he no longer had asthma.  "I beat it." he said with a grin.  Riley had witnessed the separation of his parents, his mother moving out, the emotional onslaught that inevitably followed...and saw that life went on.  He was encouraged to feel whatever he felt through the process.  It was the expressing of his emotions that led to his healing, not the puffer.

  Life isn't meant to be easy.  But I don't think its meant to be hard all the time, either.  We must look at what we resist and question it.  We must ask ourselves what matters to us, and question that as well.  Then we must listen.  The answers are not in our heads.  The true answers lie in your heart, in your own individual soul song.  We are all built to be great in our own individual way.  Lets find the way and get on with it.

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