Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Beauty in Least Effort

The Universal Law of Least Effort states:
  • the Universe always moves along the path of least resistance
  • you follow the path of least resistance by concentrating your efforts on your internal world of thoughts and feelings
  • when the conditions are right, the next steps will be obvious and harmonious
  • if you choose to act before the conditions are right, you must expend great effort
  • when opportunities present themselves, synchronicities abound and everything seems to come together effortlessly 
  • when the time is right to act, give 100%
  Don't you agree that the best things seem to happen organically?

  I am aware that I piss people off quite regularly because I won't proceed with anything until it feel right, no matter how great the idea or opportunity is.  I'm really not just lazy!  It's called trusting in something more than my mind...which contains both wisdom and bullshit in equal measure.  If there's no synchronicity...I do nothing.  My roommate Barb has a great saying for this..."doubt means don't"!

  This lesson has come hard.  The Universal Law of Cause and Effect has demonstrated over and over what happens when I follow the path of logic over the path of my heart.

  It's really this simple.  Look at what you have to do, and then be aware of how you feel about doing it.  If it doesn't feel right, and you can't make it feel right by adjusting your perspective, don't do it.  Being afraid is not a valid reason to avoid doing something, but not feeling ready can be a sign to hold off for a while.

  When I clean the house because I have to, it doesn't stay tidy and no one wants to help. I hurt myself with my vacuum and falling objects and cut myself on dishes that break and papers that are filed. Everything seems to land on my toes.  When I clean the house because I want to, it becomes a cleansing of mind and spirit, and I find all kinds of cool things that act as validations and omens. Everyone pitches in, even people that don't live here. Its way more fun and the house becomes energetically charged.  The difference is totally palpable.

  When I cook dinner because I have to, I have a meal that is adequate, but without joy. When I cook dinner because I want to, it becomes a delightful creative endeavor that feeds my body and soul.  Coupled with that comes the longing to share my tasty creations with the inhabitants of my home, friends and neighbors.

  When I go to work because I have to, it becomes a job that utilizes my talents to help others.  When I go to work because I want to, it becomes an intimate sharing experience that reminds me of all the miracles that happen to bring us together and I become a true vehicle of Spirit.

  Celebrate the chopping of wood and carrying of water.   The results are tremendous.  Be patient, is the NOW really so unbearable that you have to focus on the "what's next" to avoid the "right now"?  Think thoughts that make you feel good.  That's a start.  The only thing you are really in control of is how you think (and therefore feel) about what is happening in your experience right now.

  I think I will go to work now.  Because I want to.

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